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What is the Meshworks?

  • The Meshworks is a multidisciplinary organization dedicated to reframing and solving global-scale coordination challenges through projects in meaning-making, value exchange and regenerative social programs.

  • There are several target applications in development in addition to facilitation services that may be applied across sectors to enliven Meshworking principles.

  • Principally, Meshworking is praxis, involving dialectic processes to ground and revive common goods through the orientation of consilience.

  • Meta-protocols are aligned with the prime directive to make explicit and valorize processes involved in conscious development. This includes homing orienting principles through established and appropriate technologies available to illumine and integrate needs and resources through a heuristic called Access Points - the transversal, holonic and participatory development of self, culture and spirit.

  • The Meshworks serves as an interstitium organization, with Priority Applications serving to streamline and scale activities which can maximize the potential for realizing generative integral value. A central though not exhaustive list includes:

    • Human lifestyle and mindfulness tools

    • DAOs and dApps​

    • Civic and governance entities

  • As a nexus of organizations we respond effectively to the Metacrisis, through trans-framing work and generating incentives that

    • harness creative tension from polarities

    • afford processes for mutual trust

    • translate signals for common cause

    • advance templates for value toward regenerative assets.

  • The Meshworks is in beta V1 actively seeking partners and advisors. Check out Resources for relevant areas of interest and ways to help coordinate.


to Revitalize


Strengthening sense- making, trust and coordination across people and groups for generative creative potential.


Supporting processes for meaning-making, generative dialog, and tension resolution, realizing epistemic commons through the frame of consilience.


Engaging dynamic participation with perennial wisdom and collective intelligence to regenerate our relationships within the world.

Meshworking is praxis that is realized transversally - it appears and regenerates as viable, effective, transformative living in common.



The following components, concepts and frameworks serve as meta-protocol providing standards to iteratively guide organizational participation and reinform direction. They are nested within and across individual and social ventures. Combined, through involvement and application they serve a form of metacurrency to reconcile key needs, resources and value.

A quanta of conscious-organization, Access Points (AP) valorize and integrate self, culture and spirit toward increasing wholeness. Their dynamic and scalability suit metaprotocal incentives for Meshworking and revivify creative equity for common cause.

This protocol is critical in the use of socially conscious media applications.*

A participatory, holistic vital signs registry aligned with orienting principles and standards to facilitate user-engaged and defined criteria. 

Integral Value Mapping (IVM) generates templates for project development which target synergistic relations to bridge unused resources with unmet needs.

This protocol is critical in the use of Web3 ReFi DAOs for environmental provenance and sustainable valuation.*

Praxis leverages AP + and IVM aspects by identifying where creativity and social service can be deployed as scalable templates to create social impact, and reduce latency and gaps in resource allocation.  Participation enhances relevance to realize applications for creative equity to use across boundaries.

This protocol is critical in the use of civic engagement, from locally oriented through participatory governance applications.*

*Above use cases denote proximity to their orienting principle. In practice, they are holonic and require each to be unfolded to structurally effect scale of cohesion, coherence and long-term viability.


Involving orienting principles and evolving functions through protocol, Meshworks applications operate as an interstitium of existing, transitional and future organizational requirements.  Advantageous use of apps will prioritize needs at varying stages and across matters of scale to realize increasing returns of integral value.           

Integral Protocols

The Meshworks is actively designing the set of primitives, core bindings, and perennial solution patterns for integral value mapping and sense-making. Key attributes include:

depolarizing, interoperable, 

transforming, and


They are intended to be extensible and resilient across applications and platforms.

Distributed Applications

Compelling, educative, application for creative equity building, meaning-making and trans-framing of perspectives across communities and ecologies of practice. App principles may leverage functionality from Web3 DAOs and dApps to streamline equitable engagement resource activation.

Civics and Governance

Leveraging commons-based praxis, such as liquid democracy and choice systems to incentivize generative governance. Applying collective intelligence and decentralized applications to inform action at appropriate scale to refactor and reinvest value through holistic stakeholder lifecycle accounting.



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